We are now accepting submissions for our WINTER 2018 ISSUE — “WANDER”! 

Please submit your work by Friday, November 3rd, 2017.

For our Winter 2018 issue, we invite submissions that explore the concept of WANDER. Tell us about a time you found yourself roaming without a clear destination, whether driven by absentminded daydreaming, feelings of confusion and uncertainty, or the longing to travel across unknown lands. We accept prose, poetry, visual art, and photographs that convey a personal narrative in the context of our theme.

We accept all forms and genres of creative non-fiction and visual art so long as it presents a personal narrative. Visual submissions may be in the form of illustrated artwork, photography (photo essays are welcome) and graphic design. We ask that contributors do not submit more than 5 pieces per issue.

To submit your photos or artwork, follow these simple steps:

  1. Save artwork as an image (JPEG, PNG)
  2. If artwork or photographs have corresponding titles, please include them as a separate document (.doc, .docx) and indicate to which images they refer.
  3. If submitting a photo essay, please email your work with the subject line “Photo Essay – Email Address”.
  4. Email your work to with the subject line “Visual Submission – Email Address”.

Submissions are welcome at any time before the deadline, and decisions will be emailed to all authors before the end of the quarter.


17 thoughts on “submit

  1. Nishikanta Verma says:

    In the email subject, do we write the actual title and actual email of the sender or as you say “Title of Work-Email Address”?

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