Memoryhouse Magazine is a semi-annual publication that seeks to curate personal narratives through creative nonfiction and visual art. The editorial board is a diverse collection of students at the University of Chicago who share a love of the written word.

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Editorial Board

Vanessa Ma, Editor-in-Chief

Vanessa joined Memoryhouse somewhere along her quest to understand people and the stories they sculpt for themselves. She studies Neuroscience and Economics at the University of Chicago, where she spends an unhealthy amount of time on crosswords, cooking, and composing music.

Bradley Tian, Editor

Bradley Tian is an Economics and Creative Writing major at the University of Chicago. He loves classical music and his favorite authors are Khaled Hosseini and James Joyce. This is Bradley’s second year with Memoryhouse.

Susy Liu, Editor

Susy Liu is an Economics and Sociology major at The University of Chicago. She loves music and dance, and enjoys writing poetry. This is her first year with Memoryhouse.