Memoryhouse Magazine is a semi-annual publication that seeks to curate personal narratives through creative nonfiction and visual art. The editorial board is a diverse collection of students at the University of Chicago who share a love of the written word.



Vanessa Ma, Editor-in-Chief

Vanessa joined Memoryhouse somewhere along her quest to understand people and the stories they sculpt for themselves. She studies Neuroscience and Economics at the University of Chicago, where she spends an unhealthy amount of time on crosswords, cooking, and composing music.





Abbie Reeves, Editor

Abbie is the former design editor and editor-in-chief of Memoryhouse. She is studying English and Spanish literature at the University of Chicago, where she spends the majority of her time either reading or swing dancing. Abbie is a sucker for good graphic design, New Mexican food, and corgis.




Caroline Carter, Editor

Caroline Carter studies Spanish literature at the University of Chicago with an emphasis on postcolonial African and Latin American texts. In her free time she loves watercolor painting, collecting cool rocks, and seeking out celiac-friendly food. This is Caroline’s second year with Memoryhouse.





Alice May, Editor

Alice is studying Comparative Human Development, English, and Gender Studies at the University of Chicago. She loves theater, cats, and working with kids. Take her out for Thai food, and she’ll love you forever. It is Alice’s second year as an editor for Memoryhouse.





Susie Kixmoeller, Editor

Susie is an English Language and Literature major at the University of Chicago. Susie loves food, and she is especially addicted to anything with hot sauce, ranch, or pickles. She takes every possible opportunity to pet a dog. This is Susie’s second year with Memoryhouse.



Audrey Fromson, Editor

When she’s not reading the words of Samantha Irby, Audrey is watching and performing stand up comedy or watching a Tasty video for a recipe she will never actually make. Audrey is studying Creative Writing with a focus in nonfiction and pursuing a minor in Spanish. This is her first year with Memoryhouse!



Bradley Tian, Editor

Bradley Tian is an Economics and Creative Writing major at the University of Chicago. He loves classical music and his favorite authors are Khaled Hosseini and James Joyce. This is Bradley’s first year with Memoryhouse.