HBOAccess Writing Fellowship


As one of the top television networks with headline shows like Game of Thrones, HBO realizes the importance of recruiting new talent in order to engage new audiences with new ideas. HBO has already created a directing fellowship for aspiring undergraduates and graduates interested in the filming and production side of a story. But what about the writers, the people who are the words behind the cinematography?

HBO has recently announced a new fellowship for young writers (above 21 yrs) interested in learning what it takes to craft characters and conflict for the screen. The fellowship program begins in late summer with a week of classes on character and plot and other aspects of the writing process. And because the fellowship then continues with an eight-month apprenticeship program working with HBO’s executives and writers, it seems the program is designed for seniors graduating in the spring. The program opened to applications on March 4, however just hours after the site went live and young hopefuls submitted their half-hour or hour scripts for review, the site crashed. To fix the issue, HBO has since then raised the number of applications they will accept to more than the original one thousand.

But HBO’s fellowship is not just designed for writers – it is designed to promote diversity among writers in the major-network-sphere in which HBO resides. The official title of the fellowship is the “HBOAccess Writing Fellowship,” and encourages people of diverse backgrounds and women to apply. While the site may have not been perfect, the fellowship itself it clearly a popular, long overdue idea. While the submissions cap has already reached its cap, hopefully this program proves successful enough to continue next year.


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