The Lit & Luz Festival: Conversations Across Languages, Cultures, and Mediums

Looking for something to do this weekend? The Lit & Luz Festival, sponsored by MAKE Literary Productions, is running from October 15th – 18th, that is, from Wednesday through Saturday. A celebration of authors and artists from Chicago and Mexico City, readings, lectures, and discussions are held in locations across the city. The theme is “Archive” – personal and collective history. “Participants will explore both Chicago and Mexico City’s historical contexts; how we document our lives and our culture in a digital age; and translation between language and artistic mediums.”

Two days of the festival has already passed, but there’s still more to explore!

Tomorrow, day three out of four, will have two events: a talk from artist Alejandro Almanza Pereda at UIC, and then a discussion with poet Luis Felipe Fabre, novelist Brenda Lozano, and novelist Aguillón-Mata at SAIC.

The grand finale is Saturday night. Billed as a cross-medium, multilingual, audio/visual, interactive fusion of writers and visual artists, ARCHIVE, A Live Magazine Show Extravaganza, will bring MAKE magazine to the stage. Words, music, dancing! A chance to see artists both known and emerging collaborate. (Amongst these artists number visual artist Tania Candiani, man-of-many-hats Marvin Tate, and writer Irvine Welsh!) You can buy tickets here.

For more information on the Lit & Luz Festival, go to their official website, or check Facebook.


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