Memoryhouse Ft. Humans of UChicago #4

Take 4 from our newest collaborative project with Humans of UChicago.  Together we will be curating a series of interviews on memory across campus.  Stay tuned!


“What is your favorite memory of living in Pierce?”
“Scav 2014. Dexter O’Connell was standing in front of everybody. It’s his last Scav, he’s wearing his straw hat, he’s got his crow bar. Of course he has his crow bar! So standing in front, he rouses the entire scavenger hunt team, And he gets us chanting about MacPierce and singing Battle Hymn of the Republic because that is his absolute favorite marching song and we start marching over to Ida Noyes as a team, as Pierce, as like an entire building! We march over and we all plant ourselves and prepare for Scav. It was that first moment and the next four crazy days that were probably the absolute best time I had in Pierce.”

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