Take a Snapshot, Take a Peek

With smartphones and Instagram, sharing your life with others is easier than ever. Frame your snapshot, adjust your focus, and select a filter, to bring out that particular feeling. Creative nonfiction always felt to me like asking the reader to take a peek at the world through the eyes of the author. Photography is quite literally that.

I’m not proud of the time I spend sifting through sunburned selfies, filtered clouds, and burgers, but sometimes I forget that there are so many people on this earth, so many places, and so many points of view.  Instagram always reminds me of this, though I could definitely do without all those clouds. So much to see, so little time!

Who are the Instagrammers that you love? Here’s a few who are telling some unique stories:

1. @ballerinaproject_

ballerinaproject_ on Instagram

You’ve heard that phrase “dance like no-one’s watching.” These snapshots of ballerinas envision a New York populated solely by dancers.

2. @makhorov

makhorov on Instagram

Look at the world with fresh eyes through these vertigo-inducing photos. Everything looks so small from so high— it all depends on your point of view.

3. @greaseandglamour

greaseandglamour on Instagram

“My father never had the chance to travel the world. He sacrificed his entire life for others – his parents, his children, his wife, his family and his friends. At 51, he was diagnosed with cancer, just one year before his own father passed away from the disease.”

Two years after his death, Jinna Yang left her job, her home, basically her entire life, to travel across Europe with a life-size cut-out of her dad. Her photos with her dad shows exactly what her dad’s memory means to her. (The project is over now but she still posts stunning travel photos.)

4. @girleatworld

girleatworld on Instagram

Foodstagrammers and travel photographers abound, but these delicious photos juxtapose specialty foods and iconic landmarks. If you were to tell a story through a fixed point, or a single repeating action, what would it look like?

5. @macenzo

macenzo on Instagram

These minimalist photos of urban structures challenge you to take a step back from what you know and identify what you see.

Just as photography depends on light and shadow, points of view, and etc., try experimenting with these elements in your writing. Create a snapshot about your version of the world, and of course submit to Memoryhouse!


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