AWKWAFINA: A Musician to Laugh With


One of best feelings is discovering a new music artist over the summer. Instead of browsing Netflix or deciding which Buzzfeed article to click on, you’re able to scroll through his or her Soundcloud postings or YouTube videos and discover what this artist has to offer. Bored and having already exhausted my list of Netflix recommendations, I stumbled on a Buzzfeed Article “9 Underground Female Rappers You Need to Know About”. Desperate for a time killer and some new music to add to my playlist, I clicked on the link for a female artist named Awkwafina and I’ve been hooked on her eccentric, fresh, and self-made beats ever since. After listening to all her music and dying from laughter at her wild and vibrant videos, she’s rightfully earned a spot on my music radar and playlist.


Born Norma Lum in New York City, Lum adopted the stage name Awkwafina and isn’t afraid to rap lyrics teeming with satirical rhymes. Sporting large rectangular glasses and the blue beanie, Awkwafina isn’t the first image that comes to mind when visualizing female rappers. She doesn’t have an iconic platinum blonde ponytail that she whips around or bright rainbow colored hair. Her lyrics are filled with tongue-in-cheek beats, which poke fun at life in New York and the desire to make music which represents her true self and not the stereotypes people want her to embody. Awkwafina is a tight bundle of creativity and self-expression packaged in satirical rhymes and an addictive devil-may-care attitude.


Awkwafina stars in a documentary about her experiences as an Asian-American rapper in the music industry. Here’s a link to a trailer for “Bad Rap”.

To check out Awkwafina’s music go to


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