Studs Terkel Festival



The Studs Terkel festival starts tomorrow, and everyday of the festival is packed with fascinating events that highlight the life of Studs Terkel. At the festival there is music, documentaries, and live art events. All the events at the festival are free. Trust me, any one of these events will be worth going to. Below is a list of the top three events, which I am excited to go see.

1. Late Night Storytelling

2. A film screening of It’s a Living

3. Jazz Brunch with Maggie Brown


If the titles don’t grab you or if nothing on my short list seems to interest you, then go check out the list for yourself at and keep scrolling through it until you find the perfect event for you. But before you stop reading, perhaps you want to know more about this festival and the man who it is dedicated to. Studs Terkel was a talented, multifaceted individual who won the Pulitzer Prize for Non-fiction and received his law degree from the University of Chicago. During his career, he had a radio program called The Studs Terkel Program where he interviewed prominent figures in literature and society. Additionally, he published works regarding America’s oral history. After a long and prolific career, he passed away at the age of 96 in his home. This festival, which happens at the Logan Center, honors the life of Studs Terkel and connects generations together through the art of storytelling. To learn more about his creative career and life, below is a list of articles concerning Studs Terkel and the upcoming festival.







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