May 1st-May 4th The Chicago International Movies & Music Festival is happening. The CIMMfest is the opportunity for you to immerse yourself in culture, music, and movies. The festival started six years ago and premieres documentaries and promotes music by new and old artists. Some of the events are free, while the others cost $10. If after looking through the catalogue you find yourself wanting to go to the entire event, you have the option of buying festival passes. CIMMFEST has music documentaries spanning from heavy metal bands to the lives of  KPOP artists. Take the chance to learn more about the fusion between music and documentaries and what it means for different people in their lives. The other night I was bitten by curiosity, and I looked through the catalogue and found five documentaries that I hope to see at the festival. The majority of them are showing at the Logan Theater.

1. A Life in the Death of Joe Meek

2. Death Metal Angola

3. Brasslands

4.9 Muses of Star Empire

5. Bayou Maharajah

If you want to learn about the life stories the listed documentaries tell, please follow the link to the line up that will be happening at the festival.




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