What day is it today? (Feb 14th)

It’s February 14th, so what does that mean? Valentine’s day? Single Awareness Day? Nope! It’s exactly one month to Chicago Zine Fest, which is on Friday March 14th and Saturday March 15th! Two whole days of zines, panels, and readings, and everything is completely FREE! Aren’t you excited?

Chicago Zine Fest is March 14th and 15th
Click on the poster for more information!

What is a “zine”? Zines are little booklets of all shapes and sizes, about anything you can think of, and the only requirement for something to be called a zine is that it’s self-published (a.k.a. not published by a press). Zines are also inexpensive and fun to collect!

To get into the spirit, why not make a zine today? (You can even make one with your special someone!) The simplest way is probably finding a stack of papers, folding them in half to make a booklet, and then filling those pages with thoughts, pictures, feelings, words. Places you’ve lived, issues that mean a lot to you, funny anecdotes, your paintings, anything.

Ta-da! Distribute them, read them, trade them, hoard them.

For more ideas about crafting your own zine, I suggest Esther K. Smith’s book How to Make Books. It is a great resource for crafting techniques, if your imagination needs a little boost. For ideas about content, I suggest you start a zine collection. Chicago Zine Fest’s website has a list of good places to check out.

CZF 2014 is only one month away! Get excited!

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