Peek Pic


As I sat on a train at 6AM, I watched the buildings splattered with graffiti quickly pass by. Graffiti and street art are ways expression that allows people to tell their life stories and engage with others as they walk by. Before you scourge the internet for spray-paint cans while you scream FIGHT THE POWER, remember that everything in this technologically driven world is captured.

This is the first post in “Peek Pic”. “Peek Pic” is our new series of posts that will happen every  other week to show how the people around us view neighboring cities.

Name: drewinchicago

Place to find him: Instagram

Rating: E for Eye-Opening

Drewinchicago captures everyday life and is able to make every moment come alive again. Within his images, he is able to pause even the simplest experiences that we all share. In one of his photos, he perfectly illustrates the frustrations of riding in a crowded bus in the morning. In his case, this picture is not worth the clichéd thousand words: You only need seven, “WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE HERE?” It’s pictures like people crowded together on the bus or other everyday signs that open our eyes and make us realize the crazed and wonderful world that is around us.

Below is a link to his work,

Check it out.


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