My Memoir Dreams

 To escape the encroaching storm or what other people call finals, I’ve created a list of some of my favorite authors who I wished had memoirs.

  1. Toni Morrison—She cancelled plans for her memoir because she said her life was not interesting.  Please change your mind! Everyone’s life is interesting, especially a Nobel Prize Laureate.
  2.  Shel Silverstein— The Missing Piece basically made me rethink my life. I wish there was a book where he talked more about his life while he grew up in Chicago. 
  3.  Shakespeare—Even though he caused me a lot of pain in high school, Shakespeare is a pillar in English Literature.
  4. The Grimm Brothers—Their creepy tales haunted my childhood. I want to know what inspired them.
  5. Dorothy Parker—She is still the love of my literary life. I’m still waiting for Mongrel.

Good Luck with Finals! Please don’t forget to come to the Chapbook Festival that is happening this Saturday! 


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