Frightful Nonfiction Films


After the eighteenth remake of Freddie vs. Jason, the clichéd haunting in an abandoned English town, and all the little children gone evil, Halloween can seem a bit boring. However, there is a way for you to tremble with fright without leaving the confines of your fuzzy pajamas and not having to deal with the blacklist of Netflix movies such as “Zombies vs. Strippers”. Trust me, there are horror documentaries that will haunt you until next Halloween. For example “Albert Fish” is a documentary that examines the life of a cannibal serial killer and how he committed his crimes. After looking up pictures of him and viewing the trailer on YouTube, he was a very real and scary person who will haunt you during your lectures and discussion sections. If that doesn’t get you shivering in your bed, another documentary to haunt your petrified heart is “My Amityville Horror” it describes the paranormal experiences of Daniel Lutz in the famous Amityville House. Finally, if your brave soul needs a little more fright, watch “Crospey”. It examines the life of a boogeyman figure in New York. You won’t be able to spend another night in Harper without thinking that he is coming to get you.

Happy Halloween!


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