Do This (on Sunday!): Studs’ Place


Studs Terkel–Pulitzer Prize-winner, folk historian, (near) lifelong Chicagoan–would have been 100 this year.  In honor of his centennial, the fine folks of A Pocket Guide to Hell are bringing a new, largely improvisational episode of Studs’ classic TV show, Studs’ Place, to The Hideout (which just so happens to be this writer’s favorite beacon of beer and good will).

This event will feature Chris Rathjen, Nick Wagner, Scott Priz, John Geiger, Roger Payton, and Rachel Wilson, as well as special guests Bill Savage, Alison Cuddy, Rick Kogan, and a Special Mystery Guest.  Studs’ Place will be directed by Meredith Milliron, with technical support from Ben Chandler.

The performance will be followed by several short talks about the Chicago School of Television (Walter Podrazik from the Museum of Broadcast Communication), on Media Burn’s efforts to restore original episodes of Studs’ Place (Sara Chapman and Tom Weinberg), and on Win Stracke and the founding of the Old Town School of Folk Music (Mark Dvorak).

For more information, click here.  To watch some excellent, original episodes of Studs’ Place, click here.

Studs’ Place will be held on Sunday, November 11th at 7:00 p.m at The Hideout, which is located at 1354 W. Webansia.  There is a suggested donations of $7-10.  All proceeds will go to the cast.


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