Mike Birbiglia loves talking about himself. Not in the snobby, self-inflated, Kanye West kind of way, but in the “let me reminisce about the embarrassing, eye-opening, or life-changing experiences I’ve had way.” We at Memoryhouse, as you may know, love Birbigs and his endlessly entertaining stories, seven of which are now available in an easy-to-access format on the This American Life Radio Archive. Too lazy to click on a link and sift through seven one-sentence long descriptions of hilarious stories? That’s fine; you can listen to our favorites right here.

D-u-why? | You know what sucks? Getting hit by a drunk driver and then being blamed for the accident.

Tragedy Minus Comedy Equals Time | Cancer comedy, as it might happen, doesn’t always make for a homerun.

Stranger in the Night | Near fatal sleepwalking is no joke. Right?

What’s your favorite Birbigs’ story? Think he’s not all that? Then, who is? 


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