Storytime Overload

We love first-person narratives, and we want you to love first-person narratives, so instead of writing a manifesto outlining the beauty and wonder of narratives, we’re going to make you listen to our favorites. Sure, it’s less intellectual and feeds the Internet machine, but do you really care? We don’t think so. Now, stop being productive and fall down our rabbit-hole!

1) My favorite (or one of my very most favorite) stories is the one of Werner Herzog making the film Fitzcarraldo, which is described in the documentary “Burden of Dreams.” – Jillian

2) Oh Starlee Kine, you get me. You really get me. If I get dumped out of nowhere, I will totally stalk Phil Collins until he gives me sage advice and inspires me to write my own break up song. Sometimes the only way to get over it is to sing about it until the whole world’s ears are bleeding. -Alida

Full Story: Dr. Phil
Break-up Song Extraordinaire: The Three of Us

3) One of the many reasons I adore Labyrinth is the nature of all of the goblins, creatures, and monsters that Sarah meets along her journey; although they’re fascinating and somewhat horrifying beings, they act with such an air of normalcy within the Labyrinth that you can easily imagine their everyday routine. – Nicki

4) Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Nazis- if these words together don’t interest you, then you have been hiding from pop culture and world history. Making an effective, affecting love story between two extremely well-known film stars and suspending the audience’s disbelief enough to insert World War Two icons and themes in meaningful ways is wonderful noir storytelling, not to mention that the entire film can be understood simply through the music and lyrics that Dooley Wilson sings in “As Time Goes By”. – Eric

5) My favorite visual memoir is Enter the Void, because the first 30 minutes or so are a really engaging first person story, and then it gets crazy and a giant penis comes out of the screen. – Isaac

6) I love how honest [Megan Stielstra’s story] is. It’s about a teacher deciding to teach, and a student who exists for Megan in all of the students to come; it’s about the things you learn as a human being when the tide comes in. Megan is queen of storytellers, and a wonderful teacher because of it. – Lauren

7) I read this memoir in my early teens, and it shed some light on how hard a performer’s life can be (no steady contracts, no benefits, no work, no home), but how ultimately, if you can get past all that, it’s worth it. A lot of people tend to see acting as a merely glamorous thing, and I liked that Steve Martin made the general public aware of how very hard it is to be an artist and try to make living on that. Because he struggled for a very, very long time before making it, and I admire that. – Rae

8) I really like this story because Ross captures the type of confusion and alarm that must be related to an incident like that, but no one ever really imagines. It’s the dark and scary gap between security and then being shot. – Chris


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