I Love You Phillip Morris

I Love You Phillip Morris may have come out in 2009 (since when is three years ago old?), but still reminds us why white-collar crime and quirky romances make for incredible memoirs.

Based on a true and mind-boggling story, I Love You Phillip Morris is told from the perspective of Steven Russell, a former Georgia cop raised by adopted parents whose life veers off-course when his adoptive mother rejects him. The story goes wild after Steven moves his family to Texas and gets into a life-changing car accident that convinces him to admit and accept his homosexuality, leave his family, and start over. The problem is:

“Being gay is expensive.”

Steven turns to white-collar crime to maintain his “expensive gay lifestyle,” ends up in prison, and meets the love of his life. If you don’t have at least one “awwww” moment during this film, your heart is as dry and bitter as a pile of ashes. Possibly one of the greatest love memoirs to hit the screen since the 1990s, I Love You Phillip Morris is off-kilter and bittersweet, but also captivatingly endearing. We at Memoryhouse hope you find a love this strong someday. Really, we do. Because we’re good people.

I Love You Phillip Morris is available through Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes


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