The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do

Most people think good writing comes from years of practice, workshopping, editing, and emotional and psychological growth. Here at Memoryhouse we understand that truly good writing actually just comes from reading Colin Nissan’s writing tips.

Colin Nissan

The fact that he’s transformed himself into a cartoon gives him major credibility, so when he tells us to march to the beat of our own drummer, we listen.

“If everyone’s putting periods at the end of their sentences, put yours in the middle of words. Will it be incredibly difficult to read? Yes it will. Will it set you on the path to becoming a literary pioneer? Tough to say, but you’re kind of out of options at this point.”

It’s that ki.nd of cutting-edge, yet sagaci.ous advice that will your without forcing you to ac.tually do anything than skim a half of page of t.ext on the


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